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Thursday, June 29, 2006

BOLD MOVES from Ford – or not?

I complained about Ford after the Kermit spot ran during this year’s Super Bowl. I thought that after the company had suffered through so many troubles/layoffs, putting out happy ads with a frog was insulting to those who lost their jobs.

Thought that maybe they should focus on being honest for a change and stop wasting all that money on post. Well, looks like they finally have with their new Bold Moves site which is also supported by TV and print.

Only thing now is ‘Bold Moves’ seems to serve two different masters. On one hand, it’s this “EPISODE ONE: CHANGE OR DIE” ominous warning that the company needs to turn things around. On the other, the TV is a whimsical spot with a woman in a drive-thru drycleaners making a ‘Bold Move’ by paying for the laundry of the guy she sees in the car behind her.

Bipolar much? Maybe if they showed Sonia (pictured) pulling into to get her suit for the interview she has to go on ’cuz she’s out of work, then ok, I get it.

The different executions sends a mixed message though. Which are you: a serious corporation in damage control mode trying to rebuild yourself? Or a fun, whimsical and spontaneous kinda gal without a care in the world?

Both are each valid executions off of the same theme, but not at the same time. Stick with just one direction and I’m sold.

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adverlicious said...

Well, for the absent-minded or digitally-challenged --

here's Ford's Kermit:

Please, please challenge Ford to do better than this! Educate, motivate, inspire, etc.

But: don't bore :-;

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HighJive said...

I’ve commented on this shit at another blog, but will also deposit my two cents here — since you’ve offered some new thoughts too.

The problem is, both directions suck. Neither one is a valid execution.

The Bold Moves work running in print and TV feels like mid 90s slice-of-life garbage. The spot with the woman paying for the dry cleaning of the guy in the car behind her is just plain dumb. Maybe I’m out of touch, but what sort of person uses a drive-through laundry service anyway? How fucking lazy do you have to be?

The Bold Moves work detailing the company’s challenges is equally ludicrous. If your company sucks, don’t advertise it. Why the hell would a prospective car buyer consider purchasing from a company experiencing internal turmoil? Stop talking about change. Just change. Make the fucking bold moves you’re hyping in the ads.

The truth is, the schizophrenic messages only confirm what everyone already suspects: Ford is driving down the toilet. Bold Moves? Try Bowel Moves.

Make the logo bigger said...

hj - I don't mind a company being open with it’s consumers. I prefer that to the Kermit fluff they put out. It may not be great but it’s a start.

I’ll take that over drycleaning lady.

HighJive said...

I don’t mind a company being open. But why would you want to be open about the fact that you’re a disorganized dinosaur? Kermit actually confirmed how outdated Ford is too. I stand by my original statement: The problem is, both directions suck.

Make the logo bigger said...

"But why would you want to be open about the fact that you’re a disorganized dinosaur?"

Maybe they got some bad PR in that last bag?


Author said...

Nice analysis. I can't help thinking they're trying a little too hard with all the buzzwords built into that website, though. At least they're making a show of transparency, whether it's an honest one or not.

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Make the logo bigger said...

Hey thanks. Vote early, vote often!