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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

With all Procedes going to thinning hair.

Ouch. I wanted to use a different title: “Remember, I’m not only crazier than a shithouse rat, I’m also a client” but internet blogging rules prohibit the use of the same word in a title twice in two days. Either way, this may end up being :30 informercial/testimonial week with all the Kwality clips I have lined up. Anytime I see Gary Busey in anything, I’m watching. Even if it’s a cameo in this :30 for Procede thinning hair care products. I missed his appearance in the spot initially, but thankfully their site had it up. Bonus! Forgetting Gary for a sec–hard to do I know–but if there’s a spot that emits less trustworthiness from its spokesperson than this one, I haven’t seen it.

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joker said...

Hey! yo! Boobie! I is Giuseppe Franco and if you tink Imma gonna sponsor sumtin that don't not work, forged aboudit!!!!

Yo, yo, why's this guy look like a weasel? Don't he Tommy? He looks like a douche bag weasel. Pop goes the douche bag weasel Eyyyyy!!!!

Becoz if there's a ting sponsored by Giuseppe Franco, you know da fukin ting haz ta work becahz I put my word where my balls are, forgedaboudit!!!!

Yo... I can't stop tolking like a fucking douche bag cuz I looked at this friggin guyz friggin commercial and it's like that ring a thingamajig. You lookz it, you got seven days, badabin badaboom bada you're friggin dead.

And yo, Giuseppe, for ol times sake, kiss my dick and massage me kijones bitch!!!