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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey, Lemonade Guy.

I’m not sure Erik Proulx wants to be known as The Lemonade Guy for the rest of his days, but his latest project in production is Lemonade, Detroit. The trailer above is from the yet as unfinished project, but I definitely had this vibe that he’s captured a bigger theme beyond the one of unemployment and second chances found in the original. It’s something that I mentioned in the Palladium shoes post on brands selling against a backdrop of a failed America. Erik has different issues with it than I do, mostly the media’s fascination with ruin porn. I don’t disagree; the media needs its B-roll. So too, the likes of Levi’s etc. cashing in on those dreams. Not that he ever thought he’d be the Lemonade, (insert ruined city) guy, there are enough places in America to keep him busy for years on this topic.

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Erik said...

It's far better than being called the layoff guy, which I used to be. So thanks for the awesome props, MTLB Guy. ;)