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Monday, July 28, 2008

Plaid weekend wrap-up.

More pics on the weekend of San Fran Plaid love fun here on Flickr. We’ve got it all: Funky vans, POS muscle cars, Bush love and some tall bridge. Not following the tour? Your loss, because well, it just is. And after you’re done buying stuff they never had in Haight to begin with, why not wash down the bitter taste of capitalism and used Van Halen* concert tees for $75 with a Coke and a slice of home: Escape From New York pizza to be exact. Not bad actually but little disappointed that the waitstaff weren’t all sporting eyepatchs. Maybe you need tech stuff, not shopping stories. Okay. Then you should be watching the daily recaps and Friday’s interview and or Twitter founder Biz Stone.

Don’t even start. I’m talking about original pre-Hagar ones.


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