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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A presidential election that really matters.

Best movie president! McCain and Obama mudslinging got you down? C’mon, why wait until November. VOTE NOW! Will it be three-timer Roy Scheider over three-timer Gregory Harrison? Planet savers Morgan Freeman or Bill Pullman? Travolta’s Clinton? You decide!* And because all elections need controversey, I used the almost nearly-reliable Wiki for the list, (which, I already caught two mistakes on). Of course, in the spirit of Eastern European politics, if there’s a candidate/film not on the list, just write them in and leave their name in the comments. Unlike the current two party system, I believe in giving America more than one choice, so you can also vote for more than one. Vote early—and often.

*MTLB campaign blogging laws limit the choice to a field of presidents who appeared in films only. TV’s just a different animal–sorry West Wing freaks.

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Frank said...

Not in the list - probably because he's president (spoiler alert) for only the last few minutes of Advise and Consent - Lou Ayres as VP/Pres Harley Hudson.

Decent, pragmatic, humble, and exhibiting both common sense and respect for the constitution (as well as his own interests) over those of his party.