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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It’s your GM people.

It’s an interesting idea. We do actually own 60% of the company America. So what kind of spots do you want to see? I KID. But take a look through the site and see some of the ideas put forth here on We Own GM. (Many of which are aggregated from Crowdsourcing America’s is the concept here. Automakers have pushed their message and their cars for a long time, and based on sales and the “love” of a good bailout, people are pushing back. Started by ad industry vet Harry Webber :

“I created a user-generated campaign for the 165 million U.S. stakeholders in General Motors two months ago that lead to a pitch to the head of Global Marketing at Chevrolet last Tuesday. It cost less than a grand, all in.”

While Ford, GM and Chrysler had previously put out messages to counter negative impressions of the industry, GM here looks like they’ve even updated that message. (I still contend that GM and Chrysler will have a tougher road if for no other underlying reason than they took bailout money, something that doesn’t sit well with many consumers.)

Got an idea? Submit it.

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phillybikeboy said...

I don't know....remember the last time GM let consumers get their grubby little hands on the brand? There was that nifty little Flash ap that let you build your own spot for the Tahoe, then share it with others? That made for some good entries.