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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AdVerve - Episode 16 - Life After Social Media Snake Oil

To parasteal from Bono, Joseph Jaffe stole the :30 spot—we’re stealin’ it back.

Not quite, but it’s been almost five years since he pissed off people in Ad Land™ talking about Life After The :30 Spot, and we look back to see what still holds up. Supporting that theme is also this idea of a social media as snake oil bias still prevalent in advertising circles. If you were one of those who the chief interruptor (at crayon, in turn acquired by Power) disrupted, listen closer and hear that what was really in question was the advertising model in general. We also manage to get in a few shots at Facebook, Walmart and the Stupor Bowl mindset. (Additionally, catch him on Twitter.)

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00:00 – 1. Intro - Blahg, blahg, blagh—a brief history of time
14:15 – 2. Social media snake oil
26:58 – 3. Life After The :30 Spot—5 years later & the death of TV
40:35 – 4. Media, freaking
47:00 – 5. Nobody doesn’t like free.
50:23 – 6. Branding disconnect
56:18 – 7. The Stupor Bowl Effect™
1:12:36 – 8. Disrupt that shit
1:17:28 – 9. That’s a wrap

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Jon said...

Thanks for the link. Enjoyed hearing your podcast and the discussion about my research on the performance of the Whopper Freakout campaign.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, but this self-congratulation bullshit wank-cast was completely uninformative and not entertaining.