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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The most interesting milk in the world.

Maybe not, but Muscle Milk’s new campaign with spots like Dave plays it over the top with this absurdist retrochrome vibe, donnit? So does Chet and Katie! There’s also a Spring Break It Down Jersey Shore homage site too, made more surreal if, like me, you have iTunes playing Miles End by Gomez at the same time.* (Agency: Pereira & O’Dell.)

*No, try it, it’s like an accidental food combo gone horribly wrong, say blue cheese dressing on cherry pie.


WPofD said...

So, how catchy is this?

Last night I'm at a Pub with my friend; we're toasting his 38th bday.

On the TV, which is muted, this commercial comes on.

I narrate it line-for-line.

The guys I'm with, none of whom had seen the commercial before, die laughing at my voice over.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it's a well-done spot.

Gisbert said...

I think this is a very funny one