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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mayhem is here. Make sure your insurance is up to date.

Dennis Haysbert must have taken the day off. Dean Winters, late of 30 Rock and Rescue Me, hangs around dark places for Allstate. Scratching and prancing, I totally love the idea of bringing the causes of the everyday stuff that happens to your car to life. Feels more real than the insight behind the new Travelers spot, which says they take the scary out of life. Problem is, no insurance eliminates danger. That’s definitely not something people believe about insurance companies. What they do want is to know that when the inevitable danger happens, the insurance company won’t screw them in the claims process. Farmers Insurance and Edward James Olmos do a somewhat better job of demonstrating the danger theme in that, no matter what happens, they’ll return your car to the way it was. (The odds are lower that you’re walking away from a collision with a cement mixer however. Unless you’re Captain Adama.)

(Update: As only the webs can, an anonymous comment points out that the Allstate work is a rip of the earlier Risk campaign for Travelers from Fallon.)

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