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Friday, February 24, 2006

I Can’t Read All the Blogs.

So many blogs, so little time.

I’m starting to look like Jack after sitting in front of the screen all day. There’s so many blogs now, and each with great takes, but I just can’t read them all. I cruise about 15 or so each day, then revisit if I post, just to check responses. I list most of my fav links to the right here at MTLB, but for each one of those, there are countless other links once you go to those blogs.

Links that probably influenced them and made them appealing to me in the first place no doubt. Occasionally I’ll look at those other ‘other’ links, but settle on maybe one or two main ones after the initial click-frenzy to see which ones stick in my mind.

And I know many people use aggregators/RSS feeds to scan headlines, but for me, as an art director used to exploring stuff, the fun is not just checking out a blog to see what else is new, it’s reading the comments to the articles/posts and any links found therein. Exchanging views, telling someone they’re full of it and that I’m right, all because I’m on the internet – and I’m never wrong because after all, I’m on the internet you know. ;-p

Many of the cool things I’ve discovered were because someone in a thread posted a link to something I never heard of, and it turned out to either suck, or be really cool. Chances are though, if you’re at a site run by someone your POV is in-synch with, the link won’t suck.

Besides, RSS doesn’t make you read anything faster. 1,000 words is still a 1,000 words, regardless of whether it’s in an email to me or I’m there at the actual site.

(As a little aside to make the blogging experience more funnerer, all Typepad Typekey users/peeps need to include and start using two major things:

1) The ability to edit posts and fix thoze krazy typpos.

2) Email notification when someone replies to a topic you post in, which saves having to recheck a site for responses. Cred to adrants for being the only I notice offering it.)

What sayeth you, blog addicts?

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