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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Another Gimme Your Stuff trade.

If you haven’t yet, check out Rikki’s cool idea down under that started this whole thing where global peeps exchange global stuff. This time around Singapore’s the target. East meets, um, East. Shaping up to be music for music, but who knows what will happen? All I know is I have the retro vinyl to make this work, that’s all I’m sayin.’

Items likely to be sent:
1) Anything vintage
2) Magazines, newspapers, misc reading stuff. (Beware the word “misc.”)
3) Mix CDs

Top Items I’ll say yes to:
1) Music-related or mix CDs are always welcome.
2) Anything pop-culture related is cool too.
3) Mystery stuff. (Anything!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I'm Hanisah from Singapore. I'm currently not on gimmeyourstuff but I'm planning to sign up soon. Anyway, I can get you almost anything in Singapore except for music related stuffs cause sadly, I'm not really good at looking for them. :(

I was just wondering if you could get hold onto (vintage) polaroid cameras using 600 film for a swap?

Just trying my luck here. Hope to hear from you soon! :) Thanks.

Email me at:

Anonymous said...


I'm from Singapore, and I'd love to swap with you.

I could get you a huge variety of popular music that we listen to over here. Perhaps the songs on our MTV Asia top 20 list? Also some local indie bands, if you'd like.

How about Japanese and Asian snacks? I could easily get hold of those.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Make the logo bigger said...

Thanks anon but I'm taking a little break from that right now.

camilbotts said...

hello! we are camillebotts from the philippines. we are interested in swapping items with you. we can give you mix cd's. various artists from the philippines. just visit our blog at or email us at
thanks. =D

Make the logo bigger said...

camillebotts, see above.