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Monday, October 30, 2006

Budweiser: the original performance enhancer.

Forget McGuire’s open locker downfall. I came across this shot of Maris in The Mag with the guy who caught, then later returned the record-setting 61st homer. (For Cubs fans, Sal Durante was a fan who actually waited until it was out of reach before grabbing it. Even got a ball with his own sig for his efforts too.)

But I digress. Look closer, right above Sal’s head to his right: a crushed Bud can. Now, look to the left of his face on the lower shelf: cartoon of Camels. Back when men were men and hit the ball for real. Camels and Bud? That was the only Andro they needed. And for you young punks, those cans were made of iron, steel and leftover ship hulls. I’m not joking. Punks. Not the styrofoam aluminum versions you ‘crush’ today.

Oh, and jocks doing ads only after they’ve left the game? I don’t think so. Man Laws? How about Man Ads, Logo freaks.

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Irene Done said...

Love that. A somewhat sad footnote: Maris' family became A-B distributors and was at one time sued (unsuccessfully) by the brewer, which has to be one of the worst, bad-karma moves of all time.

Charlie Hough is the last player I know of who would openly smoke in the dugout. Ah, memories. Life was better when athletes smoked and drank more -- it tended to keep them away from the gun play.

Times New Romans said...

Gary Templeton of the SD Padres used to smoke in the dugout. (Kools, I'm sure.) And Alan Wiggins couldn't be bothered with silly things like alcohol. He was coked up most of the time.

Make the logo bigger said...

Not to mention Fred Belitnikoff of the Raiders.