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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Political Ads Gone Wild 2!

You kids need a timeout. Apparently Harold Ford’s political :30 spot on YouTube is too nice for his opponent Bob Corker. Was John Murtha right when he said the scumbags are at it again? Maybe so, since the RNC ran their own version of the ‘truth’ on Bob’s behalf. (Found via racialicious.) This is the same RNC who sent me that nice mailer last week.

And because things have gotten about as low as they possibly can, I propose a federal law for all future political advertising. (If pharma can burdon us with all its mandatory legalese, then political ads can also meet certain legal requirements.)

So here it goes: whether you’re a Repub, Dem or Independent, candidates and their parties may no longer talk about anything OTHER than their record, the issues or themselves. Period. No mentioning of other candidates or their parties either, and no veiled references like ‘some members of congress voted to...’. None of that. (And if ads include testimonials, they must be real people abiding by the same rules, no actors portraying someone allowed.)

You can call it the ‘Play nice or you lose your matching funds’ law or the ‘BG’s too naive law’. Either way, all I want to see in an ad from now on is just straight-up, tell me what YOU stand for.

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Carmen Van Kerckhove said...

Hi Bill, thanks so much for linking to Racialicious, and for jumping into the discussion over there. I'm so glad to discover this blog. (Love the name, by the way!) I've added it to my feed reader. If you'd ever like to contribute to Conscious Media Maker, our new blog for professionals in the ad, PR, entertainment and media industries, please let me know!

Take care,


Make the logo bigger said...

No prob Carmen, thanks for the offer. (Although trying to keep up with the number of political attack ads lately is a fulltime job without much free time left for other things.)