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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some PR opportunities come just once for Tiki.

Like leaving the Giants. The recent Cadillac spot has Tiki saying one thing and doing another in real life though. See spot run here. I actually like its understated tone where he talks about always being ready, and then one day getting that shot as a starter.

But a week after the spot breaks, he then confirms a story about leaving the Giants. PR move all along, or just dumb luck? In retrospect, after having seen him appear more and more on TV in the last year, from commercials to morning shows, it sure feels like the latter. Hey, his choice, right? Who am I after all. It’s not like he can’t do the job either. Watch him for even a few seconds on camera, it’s obvious he has the commentator thing down and will likely have a great broadcast career ahead if he chooses.

So why, if he got his chance on the field, leave it behind? Unless the spot was his way of looking back and saying so long. Leave healthy on his own terms? Valid. I get it. Average NFL career is what, less than three years? Thing is, his health and productivity seem good. The Giants have a legit shot at the playoffs, and a chance to build something beyond that with Eli. (Unlike Barry Sanders who retired after 10 years because Detroit had the opposite commitment to winning New York has.)

Still, his choice. But after hearing him respond to the flap over how he “quit on his team” from ESPN’s Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin, (not to mention defending himself against prominent journalists like Gary Meyers speculating on his motives), seems like Tiki may not be ready to join their ranks if this is how he reacts. What happens when Howie Long puts him in a Gilligan ‘Hey little buddy!” headlock?

Wouldn’t be easier to just stay and face the Cardinals twice a year?

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1 comment:

Jo said...

Commentating, maybe.
Acting, NOOOOOO.
Every time I see that ridiculous commercial where he dances with the cable guy, the hair stands up on my arms because I'm so embarassed for him... moreso than the cable guy. I hate that commercial so much I almost blogged on it myself to say how much I hate it. Ok, point given.