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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vote for NFL CPG* Super Bowl spots.

(*Couch Potato Generated.) Check out the 12 finalists for the NFL’s Suber Bowl ad contest here. Not bad, but I would’ve loved to see what didn’t make the cut in an All-American Idol kinda way. That’s why I watch that damn show anyway, for the trainwrecks.

Anyway, there are three spots that seem the most solid, although none seem to hit on all cylinders. (Promoting the NFL Super Bowl, its heritage and other things the brief mentioned.) This feels not so much like the best spots as it does, the ones that didn’t suck. My nod goes to pitches No. 2, 3 and a tug at the emotions in No. 12.

I think they come closest to hitting the mark for the contest. The rest would make really good beer commericals and maybe even good general NFL spots. Worth checking out just to see pitch technique. Admittedly, because these Joes aren’t pros, some mistakes are to be expected. One idea. One shot in front of the client. That’s pressure. Still, it was worth seeing how, as long as your idea is solid, it’ll come through all the stutters and misreads.

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doych said...

You actually have your Idol moment to watch - Gino (#5) busts out with a little song. #12 works real well with the origin of the huddle.

everysandwich said...

Heh -- 'm beginning to think anybody can do this advertising thing. I haven't watched them all, but from what I've seen so far, pretty darned solid.