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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Suicide, the new black.

VW thinks so. Or maybe it’s just a matter of poor timing? Saw a spot Monday night with a guy standing on the ledge of a building about to jump. Onlookers below. The only thing to make him reconsider? A guy in a VW who drives up and yells to him: “Three VWs for under $17,ooo!” “I’m coming down” our would-be jumper yells back. It worked! Holy sh...!

Only mentioning this because if people are going to criticize GM for showing suicide as a way out of life’s problems, then please send your cards, letters and email to Crispin and VW for this one too. Why be hypocritical and only single out GM. I’m not being PC here either. (My objections to the GM spot, like Ford’s Bold Moves, go far more to the issue of workers getting laid off than they do the issue of suicide.) You’d just think though, given the flap over GM’s spot from last week that VW would be aware of this and run something else.

The spot is part of a series. Others are Apocalypse and Poet.

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Moda di Magno said...

I thought the same thing an hour ago when I saw the "V Dub" spot for the first time. Yeah - suicide, that is funny. This is why we only allow beer in our brainstorms - no more smack.

Kevin said...

Bill: It will only take heat if a special interest wants free media coverage.