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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Volvos of the Caribbean.

Volvo hid some gold doubloons and a key to an XC90. Hunt for it. Win it. The trailer for the film looks cool, but since I’m such a dick this way, here’s my contest: spot the AD typo/style goof in their flash intro.

(I’m trying to confirm their next tie-in with Pirates 4 where the ashes of Keith Richards are buried in a chest somewhere. Stay tuned.)

UPDATE: It’s fixed.

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Moda di Magno said...

I give up - where's the typo? I watched the damn intro three times (which is more exposure to a Disney film than I get in a year.)

Anonymous said...

Let’s just say it’s something I’ve bitched about before.

Catch Up Lady said...

I didn't notice anything either - probably b/c my life would implode without spell check... What is it??

Anonymous said...

I rephrased it, it's more style/typo than anything. Hint.

thomas said...

They used the foot mark instead of an apostrophe on the second text screen -- a common typesetting mistake, only made worse since they use the proper apostrophe later in the intro.

Anonymous said...

Thomas got it, there ya go.