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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Because you haven’t thought of him in a while, that’s why.

My blog, my rules. I have to bring him up because if we do not learn from our past mistakes, we are doomed to use him again in another :30 spot. (Don’t hate. I like to think of it as mentioning him is akin to performing 5,000 hours of advertising community service.) Now, I know Heath Ledger is playing The Joker in the upcoming Batman flick Dark Night, but look at that picture and tell me Carrot Top wouldn’t be inspired casting instead.

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Toad said...

Carrot Top and Garfield the Cat exist together in a special ring of hell.

1Letterman said...

I just found your blog and love it.

Your Carrot Top remarks are spot on. I'm currently running a poll on my blog--Who's funnier? Carrot Top or Adolph Hitler?

Carrot Top hasn't got a vote yet.

On a bizarre side note, I had the misfortune of working for Jim Davis and Garfield and PAWS, Inc.

It was not pretty. I feel shame.

Make the logo bigger said...

thanks 1l - Hitler vs. Carrot Top. I’m thinking PPV.

Thinking In Vain said...

That photograph isn't going to help my insomnia.

James-H said...

Was this guy mentioned in the Mitchell Report? Jesus, lookit them arms. He used to be a shrimp in pigtails, now he's a bodybuilding drag queen? And unfunnier than ever.

Complete Business Systems said...

Oh my god I LOVE you.

This blog is the best thing ever!

Make the logo bigger said...

Thank you all. I can feel the Carrot Top love.

joker said...

Two comments:

In a just world Gallagher and Carrot Top would be impaled simultaneously while performing a 69 and finger banging each other with a mallet and a prop with a telephone.


I didn't know Carrot Juice had high amounts of Creatine.

Make the logo bigger said...

Joker, lol. I’m thinking that would need to be an online PPV, just a hunch. Not sure the networks will cover THAT one.

joker said...

I'll pay good money for that. I carrot shit you not my friend :D