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Friday, March 14, 2008

Got a political agenda? Got a video camera? Obama needs 30 seconds of your time.

So much for Hillary and that Sopranos diner thing. Whether you love or hate them, give them credit for the tons of free publicity that Obama will get from Obama in 30 Seconds. Entries from anyone accepted to win a shot at $20,000 in film gear. Even though it’ll end up being flooded by pros submitting clips, why not give it a shot.

(Tip to iTed.)



Josh S said...
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Josh S said...

With all the free publicity he's getting, this man is a marketing godsend. Pretty soon, Steve Jobs will be coming out with one of those Bono-type iPod spin offs for Obama.

It will be called the: iBama. It will be considered revolutionary, and full of change. When you use it, you'll notice a bunch of cool new fonts, but the programming will all be the same. And, since it's a 1st Gen., it has no real proven record and will probably have a ton of bugs.