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Monday, March 17, 2008

Having trouble visualizing it?

Not anymore. I was digging around online and came across a collection of more visualization apps than you might ever need—for now. What’s that and why should I care you say? First, I’ll explain. Secondly, nobody said you had to. But, if I’m to live up to my mission statement of helping you kill time while you’re working, then I need to keep finding this stuff.

Visualization reorganizes data graphically in a way that’s different than what you normally experience. This may not be for everyone who just Googles whenever they need to find something, but this way of connecting and exploring new things by seemingly random characteristics will become, if it hasn’t already, second nature for Gen i/Text/Y whatevuh.

The montage above is from coverpop, which collects cover art based on your choice of genre or musical term. Hover over the collage and it then gives you an option to buy or get more album info from Amazon. (Coverpop also has collages for Flickr and other themes too.)

Worth a look to see ... how to look.

(Via laboratory101 > ReadWriteWeb)


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