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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Epic is alive and well.

With Umbrellas and ramps, it never left. New spot out yet from Sony UK features more epic epicness. That’s not a knock at all, it's got an interesting thought of involving a shot so special you just have to capture it with their new TG3E. But I was thinking, yes, TV always used to set the mood for what people think of a brand, but what constitutes the perception of a brand these days is evolving, does epic matter as much? Some already know the Sony name, so they’ll just go to or somewhere else and read a review, hit Best Buy and done. (Maybe they’ll Google it or ask people on Twitter or Facebook what they think.)

In that case, how important was a lavish TV spot? Was Nikon’s ‘smaller’ effort to hand out D40s to a town a more practical approach to involving potential customers? Like I said, I dig the spot, like others, and Sony is active in the online space, as I found out about this clip from a brand person on Twitter linking to their Flickr page from the shoot. I’m just throwing it out there.

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