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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And as another added cable TV bonus...

I had three choices for TV service in the new mansion: DirectTV, cable or nothing. As a bonus for going with the second one, I got the local news on the same cable network that most people probably have in their state too, News 12. (Remember before cable when local news was all you got? Ironical, ain’t it.) A couple of days later someone sent me an article to check out that had a News 12 url on it. Okay, no big deal. Until I went there and they said it was for cable subscribers only and that I’d have to login with my account number and 15 points of ID to read it. (+ Screen grab.) Whaaaat? C’mon, really. I mean, if they had specific info nobdy else had like the winning Lotto numbers for next week, then yeah, let me go dig out my account number ASAP. Otherwise, forget it. Since it’s Political Madness Week here on MTLB: Read My Lips Cablevision: Nobody controls the news. Not like that anymore.

So I just Googled the story title and got it elsewhere.

(*sighs and scratches head at stupidity still present on many websites*)

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