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Friday, October 31, 2008

America Is F*cked ... (Graphically at least)

Just in time for the most important election of our lifetimes. Maybe, ever? (That always made me laugh. Aren’t they’re all important?) Anyway, Aaron Draplin is a dude. Actually, part The Dude, part Walter Sobchak. We met him on tour back in July. He’s a designer who tells stories passionately that you just want to keep listening to. He came up with a simple book for a digital world, called Field Notes. THOUGHT I had mentioned it here but checking now and it looks like I blew that. Sorry Aaron. Yeah, I suck, I know. (The idea was simple: You’re driving. Far maybe. Besides caffeine, you sometimes need something to write on, no?)

Anyway, for a different take on why were fucked in ways neither candidate can address Tuesday, check out this clip from an upcoming doc with him by Jess Gibson. It covers the lost art of signs and design in America. Something we came across often.


darryl ohrt said...

I remember Aaron telling us that story while on tour. It's even more depressing presented in this format.

Sooo sad, sooo true.

Greg said...

This dude isn't the Dude. This dude is TOO AWESOME to be the dude. Don't get me wrong - I mean The Dude Abides and all - but Aaron can't abide.

Aaron is about passion and defines 'genuine'. He's a mindforce of one, who should be teaching (with a stick) anyone who uses corel a lesson.

Someone (hint hint) should sit down with him and produce a series (hint hint) outlining the glory of where we came from, and where we should be going in roadside americana and design.

Hell. Get me a camera. I'll do it.