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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

But wait, there’s more...

Things invade your brain and come out modified just enough to avoid a lawsuit.

Latest killer app? The Layoff Blog Post Announcement 2.0.

The more you make, the less you click?

Wearing her parents’ heart on her sleeve, er shirt.

GLBT is okay. GLBT over 50, graduate school, 100K? Not so much.

Slash action hero figures! ROCK ON!

What do you say, “Sorry honey, I didn’t like the one you picked out?”

Charles A. Harrison, world-class designer.

Got the write stuff? Send it in to Denver Egotist ad freaks.

The Only Mavericks that matter.

No, she does have them. I’ve seen them.

Good-bye agencies?

Angry young black man? Try angry old white guy.

Incredibly urgent question: will the current economic crisis affect goodie bags?

Double cheeseburger flapping please with a Coke.

Hi. I’m an idiot.

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