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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hope. War. You decide.

Friends will help you move. Good friends will help you move a campaign.

So much for civility from here on out. I doubt any of this fear mongering matters to those who’ve made up their mind, but the group that matters most is taking notes: Undecideds. It’s the one group likely to decide this thing. They might want to first read the Rolling Stone article Make-Believe Maverick on McCain I just finished reading.
Depending on your party affiliation, it’s either propaganda against a Great American Hero, or verification that the last place you want a cranky old man is anywhere close to a button—3:00 am or otherwise.

In fairness to the McCain camp though, it’s clear the Hopela surrounding Obama has resulted in far fewer negative mainstream media reports about Barack. RS’s corresponding article on Obama wasn’t nearly as harsh. The
NY Times Long Run series also tries to cover both candidates, but a piece this weekend on Cindy isn’t too flattering. You’d have to look to GOP media like Fox, Politico or WND for that. Others are even more critical of the audacity of Hope and what’s really driving Obama.

One of these guys is going to run the country for the next four years—or run it into the ground. Who’s right, who’s wrong? You decide—just get both sides of the story instead of always trusting a campaign’s talking points.


Tom Messner said...

Somebody told me about a very funny Obama video that I have been trying to find.
Apparently it purports to show Ayers and Dorhn when Obama was 8 years old.
He is a next door neighbor who wanders into their home while they are building a bomb.
He asks them about it and they talk about change and hope...and when he says you can't do that, they say
Yes, we can.
Seems very funny. If you track it down, let us know.

Make the logo bigger said...

Tried looking too but have not found it yet.

warren said...

Well, McC has a twenty-plus year history of corruption. He was stealing and finagling before Obama got his first pube.

Might be worth thinking about.

Jetpacks said...

As usual, a lesser of two evils decision. Up to you to decide which is worse: shady real estate dealings or shady savings and loan dealings; shady radical friends or shady corrupt lobbyist buddies; did drugs as a kid or left his crippled wife.

We all know the negatives at this point better than the positives, and I suspect America is still so shallow that they will vote on appearances. Nixon didn't wear makeup in the debate and that is widely attributed to his loss to JFK. Dukakis got photographed looking like a special needs boy in a tank. Dean's scream brought him down, thanks to a uni-directional mic.

Lincoln never could've got elected today. Too f-in ugly.

Too many Americans will vote AGAINST the black guy, just as many will vote for him BECAUSE he's black. Likewise the "old" guy.