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Friday, October 31, 2008

Top 9 Political Horror Films List.

NOT that there’s such a genre, but, there could be. Horror and politics collide. For horror flicks, just revisit this previous list, maybe add in Vacancy (with really creepy DVD extra footage) and 30 Days of Night. Otherwise, go political with some flicks worth checking out. Some are about the process, and some are about the shit that goes on behind the scenes. Are these the best? Subjective. Are there others? Of course. But these are 9 of my favs. (Why does everyone always do a Top 10 anyway.)

1. The War Room.
2. The Candidate.
3. The Fog of War.
4. All the President’s Men.
5. Bob Roberts.
The Contender.
7. Wag the Dog.
8. Primary Colors.
9. Our Brand Is Crisis.

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