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Thursday, April 9, 2009

“ gave us a quote-unquote ‘editorial voice.’”

That ain’t hard to do when you hijack a legit newspaper. Whoo-hoo! It’s newsvertainment! Advonewsment! A newsformercial! Whatever. So NBC ran a fake “article” on the font of the LA Times about a character in its new show Southland, basically blurring/crossing/erasing/obliterating any lines between credible journalism and advertising. Still, I’m surprised they couldn’t work in the phrase “win-win” in what will end up being the one thing that can save newspapers! Great way to save a dying format, NBC.

Only problem, the National Enquirer already beat you to it.

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Ben Kunz said...

I knew a girl in high school who wasn't very popular, so she started sleeping around. In the short term, her popularity went up. But it didn't last.

Just sayin, LA Times, just sayin.