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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I hate the song but love this faucet.

This Delta spot from Leo Burnett features something I wish they had years ago: Automatic touch on/off control. Seriously, this would have saved me hours of swearing. Okay, minutes of swearing. Now that skill I honed of being able to turn knobs and dial phones using only my elbows will go the way of a Smith-Corona. That was a typewriter. See, they had these keys that you pressed, and a little handle for...

Anyway, they also plan to run banner ads (seen here), even though I’d like to see more interactivity from them. Why not touch any part of the faucet to start or stop by dragging a hand or something? Each time a different hand appears, it has the different kinds o’ messy found in the TV spot. Now you’re spending more time with the brand and reinforcing the idea of touch, which is what the product is about.

That’s why I get a little crazy at times. These things are too easy to figure out, so much so that when you don’t see it being done in integrated campaigns like this, you feel like slappinahead. As for extending the concept and engaging people even more, have people on YouTube submit all the ways they’d try and turn one of these things off, or did in the past.

Here’s the answer for the inevitable arguement that comes up in times like these: “We didn’t have enough money in the budget for that.” All I can say is: If. You. Had. Money. For. TV. Spots. You. Had. Money. For. A. Cool. Flash. Banner. Or. YouTube. Page.

And Sesame Street fans out there or not, I hate that song.

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