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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I’m sure the new Wendy’s work will be way better.

Third shop in two years for Wendy’s. Hmmm. “Brand-building three months ahead of schedule.” Wow, didn’t know you can plan when a brand would right the ship. Hurs the thing: I first ate Wendy’s because the burgers were just better than McDonald’s or Burger King. The waaaay better messaging was waaaaay too cute and Just Right pushing fresh vs. frozen still didn’t resonate for me.

Here’s what would: Errol Morris films this. “We’re Wendy’s. We make burgers. Real burgers.” Or however you want to phrase it. Direct. Honest. Shot cool. No food porn smiling idiots thinking about icebergs. This would keep the franchisees happy and get them back to their roots of old-fashioned* hamburgers and away from The Freak vibe that BK owns.

We make damn good burgers is not a bad place to be.

*Which is something in their logo that goes unnoticed by probably everyone.

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phillybikeboy said...

This is a classic case of blaming the advertising for circumstances beyond its control. Advertising can only bring customers to your door. Wendys' biggest problem is what's behind the door. They totally fail at customer care. I've never seen a Wendy's that has been remodeled or had substantial investment in the physical plant since it opened sometime in the early `80s. For the typical Wendy's, dark and dank would be a generous description. Totally unappetizing. The level of service is lacking as well, even by fast-food standards where expectations are low. That's probably a function of the typical layout, where there is usually a wall between the counter and the line, making for poor communication, and slowing the whole process down.

No matter how good the food or ads are, the overall experience is a long way from quality. More than a new agency, Wendy's needs to pay attention to what chains like Carl's Jr are doing.