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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just what does he say to women anyway?

So an almost nearly mostly Real Hitch started following me on Twitter. Had to see if it was for real, because, well, I keep it real. Real? Check! I came across a link there to the PUA Method in the UK. (Pick-up-Artists)Method. Like, Subway sandwich “artists,” only without the olives and shit.) Meet some of your instructors like Cupid, the Bruce Lee of PUAs.
“PUA (Pick-up-Artist)Method is the First Ever PUA Company to teach Natural Attraction through Zen Mindsets and Tools, harnessing the Power of Self Development.”

Not that I need help with Mommy Bloggers™ or anything, but with techniques like Fast Kino Escalation, How to Fry Emotional Circuits and How to Peacock Correctly, I am so scoring next PodCamp. And all for £287. (That’s almost nearly mostly $500 dollars.) Or maybe you need help talking to hot women on this side of the pond? Then try the master UDC (Underground Dating Coach.)

Excuse now me while I go play that clip back and try and read playa’s lips.

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