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Monday, July 20, 2009

Never rip off Seagal—ever.

So I was trusting the French with Mel Gibson in The Patriot this weekend, and finally went to look up said French actor’s name, Tchéky Karyo originally from Turkey, not France. Basically because he’s one of two French actors I like or am even aware of. Jean Reno being the other. (It’s that Sam Jackson always cool for no reason vibe.) But as with any search at IMDB, they throw out all possible results for every word you enter. And there he was. Mr. Badass reverse wrist snap throw. 10 years earlier with his version of The Patriot. Whoa. Not cool Mel. Think a musket is any match for Kosa-Dori Koshinage? Maaaaybe William Wallace and that Claymore, but I kinda even doubt that too.

You get a pass this time. This time.

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