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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not suitable for children. So?

Just getting ya ready for the NFL season with some user-generated cell phonage. Pacman Jones is shown in this clip doing what most 23 year-olds do: Converting $40 large into singles, then making strippers disperse, did, he? Yes, as the video shows. But the cool parts are first, the repeated warnings by ESPN that the clips are not suitable for children.

Okay first of all, that’s as useful as the age verification on a beer website. Children, or anyone, can access the site. Warnings do what again? That’s right, just shout the answers out when you know them!

Warnings make you wanna look.

Besides, it’s not like adults are scanning ESPN with a kid looking over their shoulder, are they? Despite the singles raining down, you can pretty much guess clicking on any link with “Pacman Jones” in it does not have a “happy ending.” Again though, 40K in singles? That’s close to 90 lbs and 14’ tall. Who carries that much around?*

Better still in the subsequent response is Jones’ attorney Worrick Robinson who could be working Hollywood as a PR flack. I think he may have even just convinced me smoking is healthy. He even went for the tried and true “He’s just 23 years-old” line.

Remember the last time someone tried that?

*Cooler than strippers fighting over singles is that there actually is a site that calculates the dimensions of money.

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Ben Kunz said...

How did she keep a straight face? The only think missing was a Sarah Palin wink.