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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in my day, we didn’t have
YouTube memes.

Saw that the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is taking Charlie’s The Nightman Cometh on the road as a live rock opera. (With nods to Tenacious D please.) Viewers of the show know that the clip above is Nightman’s counterpart, Dayman, a song that’s become a character onto itself.

One thing the net has done for TV is give it a second life, not just in terms of Hulu’s rerun masquerading as cutting-edge media format, but also in the way in which fans connect with characters and storylines to make them their own. *cue Mad Men*

As for It’s Always Sunny, Danny Devito on the show is still as funny and evil as he was on Taxi waaaay back when. Pick any character from any sitcom then and the only place classic lines got repeated was either on the cover of TV Guide, or at work when your annoying coworker kept repeating them ad nauseum. *raises hand*

FF >> to Seinfeld and things weren’t much better. Yatta, yatta was about the best they could do for pop culture, and now there’s YouTube.

This isn’t a “Wow, look how awesome the internet is!” sorta post, just sayin, Gen Mash is doing cool shit with a lot of what’s out there. Soooo okay, maybe I am saying look how awesome the net is.

And then try and imagine your annoying co-worker poking you on Facebook or begging you to retweet his YouTube entry for the Mork & Mindy Na-Nu Na-Nu contest.

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