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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

But wait, there’s more.

– What the f**k is social media?
– On the white roof, with black curtains.
– The rap of con.
– The best and worst viral movie campaigns. (Via.)
– Top ironic ads of all time.
– The death of the :30 revisited.
– Brands surviving on façade alone?
– Oh, she’s angry.
– Peeing in the shower? All the kids are doing it!
– Toilet masks.
Business cards or fax machines. What’s less useful?
– Before they were on store shelves.
Free food is good. No, it is.
– White punks with knives.
– Failing fast and other random observations.
– Here comes the sun.
– Life’s a pitch, and getting worse.
– One World, One Bill. AMEN.

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