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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cash for clunkers: Dealer incentive or art installation?

Unique way to promote a sale, or deeper commentary on America’s love affair with the automobile as it relates to socio-economic issues? You decide! So this is the last weekend before your local dealer is done with Cash For Clunkers. While I was out and about, I just happened to catch a few displays various dealers have put up to highlight the program.

Like the remaining dealer inventory, the different types of “installations” are limited. They either paint the hell out of a beater (complete with almost nearly lifelike lights for eyes), or they do a larger display involving a dumpster. The ones up top I snapped at local dealers in CT.

(The other side.)

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Cars4Charities said...

The sad part about most of the cars on the cars for clunkers ads are cars that don't qualify. Those cars should have been donated to charity instead.

Matt Jabs said...

What a waste! Another gov't program that doesn't make any sense.