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Monday, August 17, 2009

Does Jack really need tequila at Laker games now?

The Los Angeles Lakers have become the first team to allow courtside sponsorship ads by a spirits brand, 1800 Tequila. My favorite part from the brand though: “The ad is expected to garner more than eight million impressions.” Eight whole million? If you can find better old-school push advertising speak, I’ll upgrade your seats.

While the NBA already rescinded its ban on courtside spirits ads this past January, and 20 of the league’s 30 teams have deals with spirits brands in arena locations away from the floor, this is the first case of a team taking advantage of real estate visible on TV. Just get Jack to hold up a shot glass next time Phil calls a :20. I can also see it now in the booth: “This three-point shot brought to you by 1800.” *yawns controllably*

(The NFL is the only American sports league that still does not allow sponsorships by any spirits brands. Maybe they make enough from their lottery ticket deal?)

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