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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The size of Texas and made from your kids’ damn Legos.

Aka, where the stuff we help sell goes. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a massive area of accumulated garbage and plastic in the center of... the Pacific Ocean. This forms the North Pacific Gyre. Who knew. I started reading a scientist break down (no pun) what it is that happens when the plastics we use(d) in turn break down in water, and it’s eye-opening. While not biodegradable, they’re photodegradable, which means light breaks them down. Light that would be at the surface of the water any plastic floats in, eventually creating a soft plastic mess that affects all marine life.

Of course, there’s the other form of floating plastic and metal to worry about.

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Donuts and Coffee said...

To raise awareness of this and other environmental plights Roz Savage is attempting to row accross the Pacifc Ocean alone. ( She already rowed across the Atlantic!

You can follow her progress, minute by minute, from her web site and listen to a weekly update from the TWIT.TV network (