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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smell like Tim McGraw, Y’all.

My mailbox smelled aromatic, yet fruity. What might it be? A hint of Drakkar Noir with a splash of Louisiana backroads? According to the official PR release, I was off.

Way off:

Southern Blend embodies Tim McGraw’s genuine American spirit and pays homage to his deeply-rooted Southern values. Created by perfumer Richard Herpin, Southern Blend is multifaceted, modern and smooth…depicting the fresh energetic vibe that is Tim McGraw.

The fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of grapefruit, star anise, and bergamot. The mid notes of lavender, violet leaves and whiskey accord, add warmth to capture the more relaxed side of Tim McGraw. The rich, earthy and woody base notes of vetiver, fresh amber, and tobacco, an ingredient indigenous to the South, exudes strength and substance. All of these luxurious ingredients come together to create the ideal fragrance for the true Southern gentleman.*

Or maybe his latest fragrance is just more of the same liquid Axe for cowboys.

Would Jeter ever use the word “vetiver?” No, because the scent of ambition is always chilled grapefruit and black pepper.

*And he is. I seen him throw a dude out of a concert for insulting the honor of a lady.

1 comment:

Jetpacks said...

No, no, no. This cannot be.

Whiskey and tobacco. I can smell like that without buying this piss.