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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When you can’t take it with you.

I was reminded of how much “stuff” I had after moving last month. Stuff being the operative word for stuff in boxes you’ll go through later. Fail. This was the fourth time I moved a lot of the same “stuff.” Then I saw pictures of what Chinese artist Song Dong did at MoMA and his exhibit Waste Not. (Don’t, just... don’t. What he did was too cool for you to be riffing on his name like that.) He took the entire contents of his mother’s house after she passed and spread it out for everyone to see.

In that context, where it’s not just 50 boxes full of stuff stacked in a garage or some storage facility, but someone’s life spread out in a new way, their past seems to take on a new meaning. Having gone through a lot of this cleaning out of houses over the past year, it seems like a cool way to pay tribute to someone. The exhibit runs through September 7.


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