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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bee wranglers suspend laptop along with your disbelief.

My favorite part though besides the viewer comment below, is where one dude goes “And for all you haters.” Translation: For all the ad blogs who will tear this shit apart. See, the idea is fun and even cool.

“this video like a million other videos show the creativity of the agency. Technically !!!! it may not be possible but the execution makes us believe so, for which the credit has to be given. This video explains the basic of portables, light weight !!! . Its not rocket science”

But the one thing that ruins and undermines most agency-produced viral though are hack scripts and voiceovers, as if we needed to be convinced that this is actually happening. Actually!

*said in mockingly mock amazement*

It seems like a minor point, but you need to keep it simple, keep it about the “What if...?” moment. That’s the business we’re in obviously, but stop forcing it with bad acting or brand points.

Here, why not end with “Could happen,” which then plays up the idea of thinking what can happen with the Thinkpad. But then again, this could be a good viral for Aquabond. Problem is, you’re not sure.

At some point when agencies grasp the idea of transparency—or when they’re required to—they’ll list credits and not try to come off like another loser generating content that talks down to viewers. They’ll still follow even if they know who made it.

Yes, people will watch this, and maybe they’ll even watch again to see where the fake parts by design are. The agency then pats itself on the back that it got major views (hello seeding).

But why can’t viral do something cool that also respects the user?

(Via Adrants.)


Slinky Redfoot said...

this montage is a thing of beauty

Joker said...

Love the deep commentary... "oh shit yo. Oh shitt. Shit yo... Oh Shit... oh oh... oh shit."

I couldn't have said it better myself.