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Monday, September 14, 2009

Calling all unwed furry moms.

Ask at Adland has this campaign from Grey in Denmark promoting tourism with Visit Denmark, a spot which got pulled because of its tourist hooks up with drunken single woman and gets her pregnant theme. (You mean that’s not a reasonable positioning?) Before it got yanked though, a bunch of people did their own versions, including the furry one above. Which, I thought was the actual spot until I read the entire thread. Watch it in that context though, then watch the original.

Now that I saw it, people might have been less upset over the absurdity of an animal than they would be with a real baby, at least here in America. It’s also another case of a large agency treating social networks as just one more extension of their TV, because the fictious #Karen26 is now trending huge on Twitter. (Least for this hour until Kanye overtakes her.)

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