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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally, order restored to the WWE as McMahon returns!

And here I thought moving back to civilization meant the end of stories like this. Wrong. Flipping through the channels last night and all I heard on the local news was this: “McMahon running for Senate.” WHOA. Awesome. Fuck civility. Now we’re gonna have metal chair fights on the floor to decide deadlocked votes.

Not so fast.

The McMahon running against Christopher Dodd is Vince’s wife Linda. But that’s okay. This means that Vince can once again take the reigns as CEO of the WWE. And not a moment too soon. Why? Well, I’m not really sure. I haven’t followed wrestling in a long time, even though I did interview once for a CD gig at WWE headquarters. (Surreal? Oh, you have no idea.)

But, someone must have been up to no good in the ranks, right? It’s wrestling! Next to the Late Guiding Light, there’s no greater American Soap opera. Except maybe politics.

Everyone afraid of Sarah Palin’s He-Man in the White House should consider that if Linda wins, guess who’s a few steps away now...

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phillybikeboy said...

I hate to say it, but McMahon should represent a welcome tonic to the Palin led, religious wing-nut arm of the Republican party. It would be difficult for the one time head of the WWE to run on the Evangelical, Family Values platform. Pat Robertson may be friends with Shawn Michaels (tag team partner of Linda's son in law, Triple H), but for the most part the religious right has had nothing but contempt for the WWF/E. It's too early to tell, but this could mark the beginnings of a return to the traditional fiscally conservative, socially moderate roots of the party.

As much as I disdain Dodd--the toady water-carrier of big finance--I suspect her campaign should adopt Vince's entry music, "No Chance in Hell." That's too bad, since the McMahon offers a sane alternative to what the Republicans usually offers up these days.