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Monday, September 21, 2009

Jamie Lee for Activia. True lies?

(See, she was in a movie with Arnold. It was called True Lies.) So ennyway, Dannon settled a false advertising suit where it claimed Jamie’s favorite yogurt did more than it, um, does. Rather than drag this sordid affair through the courts for 10 years, because, you know, that would be too expensive, they instead agreed to set up a $35 million refund fund for anyone emotionally scarred by this trauma. Oh, and they have to also change the wording on Activia’s packaging and in ads.

I‘m cool with that. Now, can someone please go after Sally Field? Something must be up there. I just don’t like the way she says “Boniva.”

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Joker said...

The sad truth, even though she could be my mom and she promotes a product that was supposed to promote pooping, I'd still cuddle up and offer her a shot of my Gogurt anyday.