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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look, before Iran launches, we’re gonna need Brad Pitt for the PSA.

Even after the Russkies invaded Cuba, American Nuclear Disaster Security Threat Planning was already hard at work. And who better to deliver the message? Real government officials? No. Actors! Not just any actor though, but Gene Hackman in a short film produced for the Office of Civil Defense/DOD discussing Community Shelter Planning. (Part 2 of the clip here.) With Iran getting itchy, I think it’s time we start casting for the update.

Unless of course you believe the National Clean Up – Paint Up – Fix Up Bureau’s clean house and nice paint job solution for nuclear attack.


Toronto mls said...

i thought the nuclear threat will go to sleep after the cold war ended. obviously i was wrong. here it is again. julia

nemidoonam said...

shut the f up
we r getting killed and raped and burned because we r protesting for our freedom (in Iran, 90% of us)
while u r sitting in a bar and drinking and all we need is just your support for a war against Iran's already f***ed up people!!!!!!!
comment on thinks that u know enough about them

mtlb said...

Bar stools offer no better protection from a nuclear blast.