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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A simple idea for Dell.

So I have a Dell laptop that needs to go back to Best Buy for repair. It got dropped a week after purchasing. (Relax, that’s not my laptop.) I’d bought insurance to cover accidental drops, so a Geek Squad tech at the local Best Buy said they can fix it—but it will take two weeks to send out and get back.

Here’s the problem with that: Who in this day and age can afford to be without a laptop or computer for two weeks?

The obvious solution here: Provide loaner or rental laptops while it’s “in the shop.”

I don’t want to hear about how they could get damaged or someone will steal them. That’s what insurance is for and that’s what a LoJack in the unit is for.

I don’t need to hear reasons why this can’t be done—why not just find a way to try it.

(Besides, I‘m pretty sure that the vast majority of people who bring equipment in for repair to the Geek Squad are legit and not out to resell stolen equipment somewhere.)

Dell would be the first in the industry to offer this, thereby building even more brand loyalty among users.

Car rental places don’t seem to have problem doing this either—they just charge your credit card with a security deposit. As for the unit itself, I could care less what model it is or the condition of it, I just need to be up and running. Bundle it with standard apps like Microsoft Office and the usual web browsers, nothing fancy.

This makes sense, no?

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Anonymous said...

And spend an hour each time it gets brought back restoring it? Ok...

WPoFD said...

My BMW dealership can give me a $40K loaner; Best Buy can loan out an $800 laptop for two weeks. They can use the screen saver and background as ad space. There's a campaign for you.

mtlb said...

@Anon - not my problem. Two weeks downtime is. Like I said, anyone can find reasons not to try this. All they have to do is keep an extra few around so they don't lose too much time restoring the ones that need it. (Btw, this is just in cases of warranty.)

Cynthia Maniglia said...

One word to the wise ...


mtlb said...

I’m a Mac guy, and this would apply there too because I've had to wait a week for a repair.

Anonymous said...

You didn't spring for the Nerf LPS (Laptop Protection System)?