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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

T.G.I. Fridays buys Facebook fans to get more fans?

“Hey. What do we do with Facebook?”

“Not sure, run a contest?”


“YES! But what kind?”

“Well, um... we get people to be a fan of Woody on Facebook to show he’s Friday’s biggest fan. 500,000 by Sept. 30th. Then we offer them a Jack Daniels® Burger or a Jack Daniels® Chicken Sandwich if they hit that number.”

“But that’s a half a million burgers. What if they don’t reach 500,000? Isn’t that just trying to buy a lot of Facebook fans? Why not just use USocial. And why are you speaking with ® marks?”

“Client wants us to. You got that email, right? And I wouldn’t call it buying though. More like integrating our traditional marketing message with a social networking component. If we used a service to buy fans, we wouldn’t be able to bill for extra TV spots. As for the half-million, no prob. See, here’s the beauty of it, if we come up short, Jack Daniels and Fridays still get the exposure, PLUS we save $2.5 million in $5 giveaway costs.”

“Kinda like the Denny’s Super Bowl promotion.”

“Exactly. And, after, we bump up projections on how much the free PR would’ve cost.”



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ben said... conducted a study on 252 viewers of a recent T.G.I. Friday’s ad which promotes its new Facebook campaign. The results found that that the majority believe the promotion will increase favorability for the T.G.I. Friday’s brand. After watching the ad, 71% of Facebook users indicated that they would become a “fan” of Friday’s Facebook spokesman, “Woody” to receive the promotional offer of a free Jack Daniel’s hamburger. More in depth results can be seen at: