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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Washington Redsk... eh, not so fast.

A group of Native Americans is challenging the Washington Redskins to change their name. They’ve been trying since 1992 and, yeah, well, it is an offensive name. Assuming they win their case, we’re gonna need a new name. Maybe shorten it to the Washington Reds? Nah, communists will be offended. Washington Skins? The hairless will march. Wow, this IS tough. Crowdsourcing! What sayeth you logo nation?


Matt Haines said...

How about the Washington Webkins? Perhaps they can get some sponsorship money and a younger audience that way.

Bob Knorpp, @thebeancast said...

I vote for Washington Fornicators. Their motto could be, "Just bend over then pass the ball."

Caitlín Rosberg said...

I went to Miami of Ohio and got really used to ignoring former students (usually over a certain age) getting pissed and screaming about how we were the Miami Redskins, not the Redhawks. I respected the school for taking into account the opinion of the Miami Nation, who were treated horribly by the university and the people that founded it, and changing the team name. Nothing wrong with Redhawks.

mtlb said...

Redhawks though has an arena football league feel to it. Wait, what, the AFL is shut down? Cool. Redhawks it is!

Michael the G said...

I would say "Redbeards" but worry about the backlash from the pro-pirate lobby

Joker said...

Some options for you

1. Washington Redkin. To promote our red skinned brothers... or something.

2. Washington Runs With Pig Ball. To have a more Native American Feel to it.

3. Washington Red Rums. That way my inner twisted child can have it's Shining Moment.

4. Washington TP's... for my bunghole.

5. Washington Redwolves. So Warcraft fans can have something to look forward to.

6. Washington Natural Tans, for that chic motif