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Monday, September 21, 2009

Whining about wine and loser-generated Mommy bloggers.

More marketing madness as we pretty much beat crowdsourcing and Unilever to a pulp. Enjoy the fun with Ad Age editor Jonah Bloom, Joe Jaffe and Kristi Faulkner. One of the topics covered was Google’s Fast Flip and its effect on affiliate networks. Sexy? No, but what I saw looking at the site is a way to browse news visually similar to what the New York Times did with their revamped grid slash news aggregating approach.

If and when touch screen technology catches up to the point we all have it, you can see how turning the page by dragging your hand across the screen is the same motion as turning the page of a newspaper. (Emily Chang has a more in-depth look at this browsable grid approach to visualizing news.)

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