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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yeah, cuz things are really changing
in advertising.

“In today’s digital world, the advertising industry is in the midst of a major transformation.”

No, it’s not. The basic form of advertising has not changed. Reinforcing that point, that was the opening line from this hour’s PR release I got in an email. Typical industry speak written the same way and saying the same old things.

Despite the old vs. new arguement discussed elsewhere ad nauseam, the core problem of advertising isn’t the change in media channels, it’s the same stereotypes, wordplay and visual puns being perpetrated in the work itself. (Don’t even get me started on bad taglines.)

Stupid though tends to work for certain categories like beer, but stupid seems to have invaded everything now. Maybe stupid’s the wrong word. How about, insults your intelligence. Somewhere along the line, “cute” took over in the form of puns and tired wordplay.

Why, it’s got me so crazy I need a Bahamavention.

In the first image above, grown makes me groan. You? Then there’s the fin about to be begin from your favorite Parrothead.

Or, maybe your inner fashionista just got released on bail (make that, “sale”). LOOK AT ME, I MADE A FUNNY.

Wait, Halloween’s around the corner. You know what that means... a SPOOKtacular reference? YES! (It’s okay, just shout ’em out when you know the answer.)

Will any of this keep me from going to the stores, buying the stuff or eating at whichever restaurant? No, I’ll do those things in spite of your messaging. I just don’t feel like being talked down to.

Until that changes though, I guess this is the future promised by ad blog anonymarazzi complaining about how big agencies don’t “get” digital.

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