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Monday, October 5, 2009

Help Mike Rowe finish building America.

Is Mike Rowe now the blue collar Peyton Manning of commercials? Could be. When he’s not driving crab fisherman to their job in his Ford F-150, he’s roaming America’s job sites at Mike Rowe Works. (Speaking of construction, they must’ve put in serious overtime on their TOS, duh-AMN.) But one thing I’ve noticed here as with the Army sponsorship on the Boost Up project, is a well-hidden client behind it all: Grainger.

Themed microsites like this are still popular for agencies to push, but it looks like someone took the idea of not being in consumers’ faces with a sales pitch literally and disappeared here. It’s one thing to not “sell” on Twitter, but not identifying yourself here more than they have makes you unsure of who’s really behind it all. I’m not saying you have to link to your product page either, but a logo up top would help sort things out a little sooner. While maybe not purposely deceiving, it’s still a little confusing.


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